SEO or Google Maps? My experience.

Hello all! Today I am reflecting on my business. I had this client who was a friend of my family (and still is, actually). He runs plumbing business. He knew that I was doing “online shenanigans” (his own words) and he asked me for help.

I surely helped him because he helped my family a lot. I was still paid and all. So I built him a website. It didn’t take long time. Then I “upsold” my SEO services. I didn’t really need to upsell, he was very open about SEO and other digital marketing. So I did SEO for his business.

Thing is, that happened about 5 years ago and as far as I remember, I wasn’t that good at it. Website just wouldn’t rank. I read a lot about it and I came up with an idea to change from providing SEO services to Google map optimization services.

Guess what? It worked wonders! That guy, to this day (5 years later), still pays me. All I do now is just check the rankings and add a few “quotation links” every now and then. So, I make $500/mo and spend probably $50/mo, keep the rest.

Why am I reflecting on this? I just thought was has lead me to my business successes and failures. I think that actually finding solutions to your client’s problem is the biggest WIN you can ever achieve. In 5 years, I made about $30,000 in revenue … from one client!

I think it’s a very successful business I am into even though, sometimes, it seems difficult but in the end, it is worth it!

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