Reflecting on the SEO memories

Hey, so today I am going to reflect on my SEO experience and what happened really.

Back in 2007, I made the best decision I could – start “the laptop lifestyle” or so to speak. Then I spent couple of years testing SEO stuff, selling links (it was HOT back in a day and you could make a killing just by selling links on your blog network). Then, in 2009, I pitched my first client who was paying $300 a month and that was a lot of money back then.

So over 2009 – 2010 I pitched many more clients and had around 30 clients who were paying my $300 – $500 a month each. I was outsourcing most of the things except counting my own money lol. So anyway, in 2010 I started working on couple of really big projects of mine in very competitive niches. One of them was a browser game and I had it on page 1 for keywords like “MMORPG” or “Free MMORPG” and dozens other. It was mostly due to ALN but then, as we know it, it sank deep and penalised my site.

Then I started working on my own blog networks. Yes, I have a few of them and they still work best. Sure, there are lots of risks involved since it might be black hat and what not. So, fast forward to 2015, I am still owner of several network that still work well. However, if you are new to this, run your own business and want better rankings, I recommend trying out SERPauthority services. They do know things when it comes to SEO and they rank high and fast.

That’s all for me! Take care.

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