Playing would you rather game

Hi all. Yesterday I watched Family Guy and I love this cartoon. In fact, the most interesting bits are when Stewie and Brian go on adventure or when Peter, Glen, Joe and Cleveland play “Would you rather” game.

You know, because of that cartoon, me and several friends of mine started playing this game while we were on the bus. Yes, that was like 7 years ago, I didn’t drive back in a day. The hardest part was to think of would you rather questions. Answering them didn’t take much time.

If you don’t know what the game is about, I can briefly explain the rules. They are simple. Each player take turns to ask questions. They all have to be like this: would you rather [this] or [that]. For example, would you rather be yourself as you are now or become a vampire? Would you rather be rich but lonely or poor and social? Obviously, questions can and will differ. It always depends on what category you agree to play in, for example, general questions, car related (for example: would you rather own ferrari or lamborghini?), etc …

This game is really fun and I believe it, if played honestly, may connect players closer. Don’t get me wrong, I did not mean to say anything creepy but you don’t know what your partner or friend rather eat (spaghetti or pizza) until you ask if you know what I mean. It’s great game to get to know people better.

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