My dream house

I am actually very dreamy all the time. What I mean by that is the fact that I always dream about life I am trying to manifest. I always think about my dream house. In this short post, I will tell you all about my dream house.

First of all, it is not going to be a very big one. It will be 1 storey detached house with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and it will have decently large garden. In the garden, I will have a place for barbecue and pool. I will get the best above ground pool for sure.

The front garden will have a garage and spot for 3 cars (Masserati, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz) … or spots for my guests. During summer, I will have BBQs at least twice a month with my family and friens. One of the bedrooms will be converted into a training room where I will be practicing jazz and lindy hop.

I am not sure how long it will take me for the house to manifest but I am half-full-glass kind of guy, if you know what I mean

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