Invasion of hoverboards

You know, here in England, we have this invasion of self balancing board “devices”. They are called “hoverboards” in England. They are quite interesting inventions but I probably wouldn’t buy one.

I find them very similar to the ones from the science fiction movies you know, instead of flying, they ride on streets … for now. I believe that in the close future, we will see them fly as well.

These hoverboards are taking over streets of the UK and sometimes it gets dangerous when you drive in the car and see people riding these devices on the pavement. I think it is quite hard to learn to properly control it, God forbid, someone falls down while I am driving past them?

However, these self balancing boards seem to be a great gift for kids and teenagers. I can see that majority of users are kids in ages between 13 and 18. I have seen some adults too. If I had bought one, I would not try it out on the streets, I would master the control of hoverboard somewhere safe first, perhaps in parking lot.

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