Internet marketing products I look forward to

Hey there, I think I need to improve my internet marketing skills once again. They say that once you start thinking that you are a master at something, then you start degrading your skills. I mean, you start becoming worse and worse at that thing. I think that it is always important to keep improving, learning, testing and experimenting, especially when it comes down to internet marketing or something.

So I was looking at internet marketing product reviews and I believe there are a few really cool ones coming out. The course called “eCom premier academy” is looking promising. I just started my shopify shop recently, I want to see what kind of results the product can give me.

Another product that I am very interested in is Mario Brown’s FB Video Ads Forumla. This should be very useful for me as I spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads. I don’t do video ads yet but I heard that video ads convert like crazy. My niche is actually arts related which means advertising a visual ad (video) should give me better results.

Anyway, I will go and buy those products when they are available and will let you know!

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