I could have used hiking shoes long time ago

Hey there, it’s me again. I am going to complain about something. Last Friday I was dancing so much that my dancing shoes broke. I mean it …

So yesterday I was looking at shoes online. There are so many shoes to choose from. You know I should be buying dancing shoes but no, something grabbed my attention and I ended up not buying any shoes at all. There were all kinds of shoes – hiking shoes, trekking shoes, dancing shoes, etc …

Hiking shoes reminded me something. I remember I used to travel a lot for sightseeing and I used to walk a lot uphill and downhill and I suppose proper hiking shoes would have been perfect. There was time when I used to see a lot – I have travelled all over England (Stonehenge, Cornwall, Bath, Bristol all the way to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and monster of Loch Ness), Portugal (a lot of places, I can’t even remember), Hungary (Budapest to be exact), etc … now I am off to Germany and not for sightseeing. I will be seeing a lot of dance floor

It’s funny how sometimes you browse internet and suddenly old memories start surfacing and then you get the nostalgia. Good thing is that I will have 1.5 spare days in Germany so perhaps I shall explore the city I am in?

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