Getting a dryer to save a lot of hassle

As you probably already know, I spend a lot of time travelling around Europe for lindy hop camps. There is one thing that I always face problems with is that I need always wash my clothes. Each weekend I use about 15 or more pieces of clothing, mostly shirts. It is quite annoying when I have to go and use laundrette every bloody time.

So, I was thinking about “restructuring” my travelling habits and perhaps travel twice a month. All I need is to get one small condenser tumble dryer and I believe my laundaring problems will go away. This will save me a lot of money in the long run – I come back from the camp on Monday or Tuesday and wash and dry my clothes on Wednesday. I would be ready to go out again by weekend for sure but I just wouldn’t be able physically to dance at 4 camps a month.

Anyway, this actually seriously got me thinking into buying one these dryers. I shall go on amazon and take a look what my options are. Prices are around £300 ($500) but it’s a worth investment I must say.

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