From Germany to Italy I shall go

So quite recently I received this awesome offer to go and dance in Como, Italy at greatly reduced price. Thing is, I am in Germany next weekend, supposedly coming back on Tuesday and now this offer that came through tempts me to go to Italy as well. That event happens one weekend after my Germany event and it is good and it is bad.

It is bad because I won’t have much time to rest. It is good because I can fly straight from Germany to Italy … and Italy is not as far from Germany as United Kingdom is. Since my flight is on Tuesday, I think I am going to explore Italy for 2-3 days before I hit the road to the event.

So, I found Italy travel guide that helped a lot in terms of things to see in Italy. I will land in Rome and, as you know, Rome is a true treasure for explorers. So I will be taking a look at Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, Colosseum and Pantheon. These are 3 things I find most intriguing and there are probably thousands of things to do in Rome.

I believe this will be great for 2 passions of mine – dancing and traveling/sightseeing/exploration of the world.

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