Fighting flea infestation – do flea bombs work?

About two months ago, my cat was scratching almost non-stop. I was a bit worried but then me and my sister took her to the vets and we were a bit shocked what we found.

Our house was infested by fleas. We had rough time at that time and we were not paying too much attention to what our pet was doing. I suppose it kind of makes sense when she started itching a little bit and then it pogressed to the point where she wouldn’t stop.

We tried many methods of getting rid of fleas. Nothing really worked because there were just too many of them. So, we turned to something, perhaps, not so ethical and we used a flea bomb.

The way flea bombs work is that they spray certain type of chemicals that kill fleas. They can be also dangerous to pets and humans. So we sprayed the flea bomb right before our family left for holidays. We also took our cat and we came back in about 1 weeks. All the fleas were gone and the bomb didn’t harm anyone.

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