Don is invading Indiana

Hey there, today I wanted to share something. I want to go to Indiana. This is a part of my lindy hop adventure in the US. I am a fan of Indiana Jones so that’s why, perhaps, this state is so appealing to me even though the atmosphere is probably nothing like what I see in Indiana Jones (catacombs, jungles, etc …).

So I was doing a lot of research here and I found some things. If you are looking for romantic getaways in Indiana, look no further. Here is a cool place called West Baden Springs and they got hotel there. From the hotel, you can overlook the Atrium, you can also taste great food at the “Power Plant” and “1875 Stakehouse”. There is also “Polar Express” if you come here with kids.

So, I have planned my lindy hop trip to US and I know that Indiana is on my to-visit list. I can’t wait to go to the US.

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