Chritmas is everywhere

It’s quite lovely here in the UK, when you drive at night in the beginning of November, sometimes even in the middle of October, and you see Christmas trees already on! I mean, whole houses are already decorated for Christmas even though you still have 1.5 – 2 months left until Christmas. In Lithuania, or in my family at least, we have this tradition to light the Christmas tree like a week before the Christmas so it gets sometimes weird when I see Christmas theme everywhere I look but then again, it’s England after all.

That actually trigerred oe of my fondest memories from my early lindy hop journey. We had this Christmas party where we had only 1 class instead of our usual 2 classes and then lots of food on the table. There was not much dancing done. That day, for the first time in dance school’s history, we had a group photo. Everybody aligned and I tought having a photo where everybody was serious and pretty much the same was a bad idea. One of the best Christmas party photography ideas I had in mind was to photobomb it. So I just jumped, everybody was confused and me in the air – that was the moment when the camera flashed with all those hilarious faces.

That photo is still somewhere on Facebook, perhaps, I shall go and take a look at it.

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