Celebrating a birthday in New York City

Hello there, my friend who lives in New York City is celebrating his 30th birthday and I want to attend his party. He is quite a rich man. I wouldn’t say that he is internet marketer, he is content creator. He runs a few brands and probably makes 5 or 6 figures a month.

I still want to visit him but I don’t think that I can buy him a gift that he would use. I mean, he makes so much money, he has everything he needs, right? So, I think I will just show up and that alone should be quite a big surprise and hopefully good enough birthday gift.

My plane leave in the beginning of December and I am coming back to the UK a few days before Christmas. I will be in New York City for about 10 days and I will also be able to see what’s the lindy hop scene is like there.

Oh, before I go, does anyone know who can provide birthday cakes in NYC? Thanks a bunch!

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