Bleach – best anime and manga ever created

I must admit, I don’t talk about anime or manga that much anymore. After my favourite series finished, I am not watching any anime or manga at all.

I loved Bleach. I remember I would wait for each Wednesday (I believe it aired on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in Japan and then it would take a day or so for torrent to appear with English subs) so I could download that new episode of Bleach. I prefered anime over manga, I just can’t be bothered reading it.

Anyway, Bleach starts with Ichigo taking shinigami powers from Rukia and then the whole new world of spirits open before Ichigo’s eyes – he must fight many bad spirits, he gains zanpakotou – a very special weapon which has soul of its own. Also, there are 2 forms – shikai (normal form) and bankai (super form). Well, I don’t want to spoil Bleach or get into too much detail but I would everybody watch it or read it if you are into action series with a bit of humour … which, at some points, was irritating.

So anyway, Bleach is long – 350+ episodes but I believe it has stopped airing long time ago and they might not be resuming it. If they continue the series, I will be sure to watch again

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