Article marketing still works!

Hello there, today, as most of the days, I will reflect on certain SEO techniques that still work and may not work as it used to.

Today I will be talking about article marketing. I remember about 6 years ago or so, you would just spin content and submit it to around 500-700 article directories and it would work wonders.

Today, it will have 0 effect. Thing is, Google algo has changed long time ago. Pretty much anything that’s spun content may not work at all … except blog posts. So, spun content articles don’t produce any results anymore.

Does this mean that article marketing does not work? NO! It works if done well. First of all, you must understand what country you are targeting. Recently, I had clients from Australia and I used an Australian article directory for their sites. Actually, a few of them. It worked wonders!

But you know what I also love about great article directories? People often times come to these directories to borrow the content. They will give a link back to your site. If they don’t, well, they are stealing content and I am sure you could report that to some authorities, although, I had no such problems so far.

Anyway, I hope you learn something from this post – just post unique and engaging and useful articles to directories so you get exposure on other blogs as well, not just directory you just submitted to.

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