Aim high – transform your life!

Dear all, today I am going to share with you a little bit of mind blowing facts about motivation and what not and what helped me along my journey in order to achieve my dreams. Oh no, don’t get me wrong … it’s not that I live my dream life … I realised this: once you achieve your dream, there is always something else you wish to achieve otherwise, if you stop chasing something (or someone in other cases 😀 ) you stop living. Achievements drives us!

Anyway, in order to transform your life there are certain things you need to wish to change … or at least I did. Aim fit body, great relationships, wealth … there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the latter … a lot of people who wish to change their financial situation always wish for more money … money has no value for me. Yes, I need money to eat and survive but that’s it. I focus on my passions and relationships, keeping my body fit (yes, I dance 4 hours a day, 8 days a week, it’s my passions and keeps my mody and mind fit) and money just follows.

I may or may not expand more onto the money generating thing one day but it’s not going to be today. While I may not be extremely wealthy in terms of money and finances, I am rich in mind and body. What’s the point of making of a lot of money if you can’t enjoy life anyway?

So to sum it up, I started exercising … 2 years ago (by the way, I had my 2 years dancing anniversary 2 days ago) and started focusing on relationships and friendships. I don’t buy physical things … I got house and car and that’s enough for me … for now. I travel a lot for dancing so they all fit my passions and I always make enough money for these things. Surely, traveling more often would be even better but I am happy where I am. Even if you do make a lot of money, it won’t make you more secure. Piece comes from within

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