2 or 3 months holidays in USA

So, once I graduate (summer 2016), I will start travelling like crazy. One of my prime travelling goals is to go to the USA for 2 or 3 months. I really want to go to Florida (Miami to be exact) and California (Los Angeles). I will go there mainly to see what’s the lindy hop scene is all about and I heard very good things about it.

But then again, there are many water activities in California too, it would be shame to miss such opportunity. When I was a little kid I was into sharks. medussas, other sea “creatures” and water sports. So, once I am in California, I will be sure to do whale watching, surfing, paddle baording, etc … oh and jetpack flying. These things are a must.

To be honest, my dream is actually travel the whole USA, visit all the states and try social dancing in each and every state. I am sure that 3 months would not be enough to travel all 50+ states so I might need to do several visits to America. This is not a pep talk, this is something I am determined to do and I will.

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